About GAA-Software

GAA-Software is an innovative small software company, based in The Netherlands.  
The heart of our company is an international team of people with professional roots in the art world and software development, who originally came together in order to develop an administration and presentation tool for an international art project.  

Soon we realised that there is a general need amongst artists as well as smaller galleries for such software and decided to keep on developing.

The successful result was our first product called art-SITE BASIC EDITION; a website as online catalogue connected to an easily maintainable basic Back-office for the archiving and management of art works, contacts and other relevant data.

Having a professional online presentation has become an important part for everyone doing business. But building your own website often means to invest a larger amount of money as well as a lot of time.

We therefore offer  affordable, modular  website solutions with a content management system, which are not only interesting for the art world but for every smaller or midsize business



our strength lies in providing affordable solutions

within a short time

and with an overall service + support package