Advantages of our Products

Web-based Software
The art-SITE PRIME EDITION 3.0 is a fully web based application.
By having all your data stored on our highly secured server you cannot loose any data caused by failure or loss of your computer. You can access your data where ever you have internet access. 
We ensure the confidentiality of all your data by high perimeter security and special firewalls and guarantee not to provide any of your data to other parties. Our clients have exclusive control over access to their data by using usernames and passwords.

Overall Service - all out of one hand
Service has our priority.  We therefore offer a overall service package, from creating a koncept and your personal design for your website,  the registration and hosting of your domain and e-mail account to the setup, maintenance and hosting of the software/ your website and of course an overall support.
You won't have to deal with any technical or administrational matters. You will have your personal contact person for all concerns.

Individually Customizable
In order to adapt the software to your personal needs you can define your own vocabulary and create your personalized list fields.

Easy to Handle
art-site is comprehensive software that is characterized by a clear and logical structure as well as a user friendly interface.  All fields of activity each application provides are permanently visible within the menu bar and therefore directly selectable.

Our websites are multilingual. Which means you are able to edit and present the information on your website in several languages of your choice.

Unlimited Amount of Data
There is no limitation regarding the amount of data you want to store and upload (fair user policy).

prime edition 3.0

containing two applications
each usable as stand alone product or connected with each other

website, in 2 weeks
easily maintainable by yourself
with a content management tool 

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advanced back-office
web-based inventory software with document archive, financial features and contacts

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