The new PRIME EDITION 3.0 Back-office is a web based inventory application that allows you in an easy way to maintain a complete digital archive of all your artworks or products and related data. It helps you to have a quick overview of all information and being able to access your data anywhere at any time.

Works Inventory

Store unlimited information on artworks, including several images per item, prices provenance, current location, offers and othe data linked to an artwork. in one place and upload and archive relevant documents. Print all kinds of stock reports with images, appraisal sheets and labels.

Invoices -  Consignment Sheets – Shipment Reports
Create financial documents with your logo using add-works-function that automatically attaches detailed data and image of the selected artworks.

Financials - Accounts
Keep track of all financial transactions and their details. Easily create customized reports filtered by any data you select, such as lists of payments to be made or to be received or related to a certain person.

Contacts - Artists
Manage your contacts, assigning categories, roles and saving important comments. Use the powerful search functionality to create selective contact lists for labels. Maintain an additional archive of information about the artists you work with, including documents for biographies etc.


Within each module you can create several customized reports of detail information or lists with images out of the overview sheets. All reports are provided as PDF File which you can then print or save separately on your computer.

Connection to the PRIME EDITION Website
The inventory can be used as a stand alone product or connected with the PRIME EDITION website. Easily import data out of the inventory and contacts module into the CMS of the connected website.

You'll soon find more detailed information about all features here on our website

back-office - inventory

maintain a web-based digital archive of all your art works or products, contacts, financials + documents

perfect for galleries

access your data anytime

have a quick overview of all information

create PDF reports of lists or detail information 

print work + contact labels


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