Website and Content Management Modules

In order to make the maintenance of your website's content as easy and efficient as possible for you, the CMS is split into several modules. Each of these modules represents a different type of content, provided with a special input template and pre-defined website layout, customized according to your personal webdesign.
For each of these content type modules you can create several archives in which you create and upload your information. Then simply link an archive to a particular page of your website on which you want to resent the respective data. 

module features

easily define your own website menu and add new pages any time

create your very personalized catalogue templates with your own set of data fields

show your events automaicatlly ordered by past, current or future date

present a nice map of your location on your website with a google map feature

offer files for download on your website

choose and only pay for the modules you need

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Change and extend your website's menu structure; Freely create and add pages to your website; Create nicely formated text pages including images;  Upload files that can be downloaded on the page of the website
Present information for example your team members, publications or your offerings within an overview list and; Provide for each clickable list item one or several detail information pages
Easily create an online image catalogue of your products or simple image galleries with nice gallery list  pages and an detail page for each catalogue item/ image; Offer information for download for each catalogue item/ image
Define catalogue pages for the presentation of multimedia items, such as movie or audio files 

Define your personalized contact or booking forms
Present your contacts on specially formatted clickable list pages and a detail page with image and shop-map feature for each contact; Import  created contacts into the events or personalized catalogue template
reate specially formatted lists of events  with a detail page and a shop-map feature for each event; Choose to present your events on different pages automatically  selected by past, current or future date
Administration - LIST FIELDS
Create your own set of list fields of often used data values you want to use as fields in your personalized catalogue templates 

Administration - CATALOGUE EDITOR
Define several different catalogue templates with your personalized set of fields
  Administration - USERS, 
Special Login Protected Pages

Make certain pages on your website only accessible by login to special visitors/ user groups;  Define several users and user groups with different access rights