Product Packages

We offer you an affordable way to have a professional software and website for little investment. All  art-SITE solutions are offered for an entry/ setup fee plus a monthly fee in an overall service package which includes:

  • Customized Setup
  • User-Utilization License including
  • Full Hosting Maintenance Service incl. Domain and  E-mail account and
  • User Support 

Customized Setup

  • Creation and implementation of your personal webdesign based on our templates
  • Setup of the software and modules with customized input and layout templates 
  • Setup of the website with your menu structure 
  • Definition of the languages and translations you want to work with and provide on your website 
  • The service of registering and hosting your domain and
  • setting up and hosting an email account for your domain
  • an 8 hours service of importing data into your new  art-SITE system (including necessary Photoshop work). Therefore the relevant images and other data have to be provided.
    Any additional hour, if needed for the data import, will be charged extra based on an hourly rate.

User-Utilization Licence incl. Hosting- Maintenance Service and Support

  • Includes complete hosting and maintenance service of your art-SITE software and website as well as your domain and e-mail account
  • You will have your personal point of contact who will help and support you making yourself familiar and working with your art-SITE and answering other questions  you might have via e-mail. If necessary we will also give you a telephone call. 

we offer our solutions in an overall service package

for an entry-setup fee
+ a monthly utilization fee

setup, maintenance, hosting of the software/ website + domain and e-mail account
all out of one hand

with your personal point of contact for all questions and user support