website + cms
customized price packages

website+cms is a modular solution, which we also offer in customized packages

if you don't need all modules for your website we setup your personal package for a reduced price

Setup fee and Utilisation fee will be calcualted according to the amount of modules you need

contact us and ask for your
personal princing package >>

PRIME EDITION 3.0 Website with CMS
Complete Package incl. all Modules:

  • Website Menu + Standard Pages with text, images and file download function on the website
  • Articles
  • Image Gallery - Catalogues
  • Multimedia Catalogues
  • Form Editor 
  • Contacts 
  • Events
  • Admin -Catalogue Template Editor
  • Admin- List Field Editor
  • Admin- Users + Login Protected Pages

PRIME EDITION 3.0 Back-Office
web-based digital inventory software Package incl. Modules:

  • Works Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Consignment Sheets
  • Shipment Reports
  • Accounts
  • Contact Manager 
  • Artists Archive 
  • Admin- List Field Editor
  • Reports
  • Label Printing
 Entry-Setup Fee                 *950,- EUR
+ Monthly Utilization Fee       60,- EUR
   Entry-Setup Fee                * 950,- EUR
+ Monthly Utilization Fee       70,- EUR

PRIME EDITION 3.0 Back-Office +
connected Website and CMS
Including all modules of both parts as described above

Entry-Setup Fee                 *1650,- EUR
+ Monthly Utilization Fee        80,- EUR


all prices are excluding TAX
* these setup fee prices are special offers, valid only for a limited time