Your Free Personal Demo 
To really get to know the product and to find out whether it suits your needs and way of working it takes some time and the opportunity to work with it.
We therefore provide you with your personal demo of the product you choose which you can test two weeks long,  free of any costs and without any obligations or risks.

Within a few weeks we will set up a plain site for you, based on our design template and delivered with a predefined multilingual vocabulary, ready for you to start working with it.
We will of course support you in getting to know your art-SITE software

Training is not necessary, but is useful and available.  If you wish you will get an introduction training in the handling of the art-SITE software (in English) via telephone. 

Personal User Support & Technical Support
We seek to help you at any time in a most comfortable and eficient way. You will therefore have your parsonal point of contact, who you can contact  if you have any questions about our product or need some help working with your art-SITE.
Your questions will be answered within a short time, either per e-mail or if necessary with a telephone call (without costs being charged).

For emergencies, you can also call our technical support which you will find in your SLA - Service Level Agreement (assigned to our clients with the purchase of the product).    

User Manual
PRIME EDITION has the user manual implemented in the software. In each sreen you'll find help functions which guide you through the handling of the software.

your free personal demo

of website with cms
delivered within two weeks

of the back-office or back-office with website and cms
delivered within 4 weeks

your personal point of contact will answer all your questions


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